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Step 5: Academic Resources

Between your University ID number, your AccessPlus account, and your Net-ID, you have access to a variety of resources as an Iowa State student. Be sure to familiarize yourself with some of the resources below to make the most of your online adventure!

Student Disability Resources

Iowa State University is committed to assuring that all educational activities are free from discrimination and harassment based on disability status. All students requesting accommodations are required to meet with staff in Student Disability Resources (SDR) to establish eligibility.  A Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) form will be provided to eligible students. The provision of reasonable accommodations in this course will be arranged after timely delivery of the SAAR form to the instructor.  Students are encouraged to deliver completed SAAR forms as early in the semester as possible. Contact SDR by e-mail at or by phone at 515-294-7220 for additional information. 

Directory Information

The university directory is the first stop to find contact information for anyone associated with the university, including faculty, staff, and other students. Once you're a student, your info will be there as well. If you want to change the information that's displayed on the directory, it can be edited in AccessPlus.

Parks Library

Iowa State's library has many online resources and services available for you to use, regardless of where you’re located. Books and other materials can be sent to you through Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery services. The library should be your first stop for any research, and staff there are happy to answer questions through the Ask Us! service any time. Using the library will require your University ID number.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is a collection of services and programs designed to help you reach your academic goals. ASC offers course-specific and general academic assistance such as academic coaching and outreach, supplemental Instruction, and tutoring services. All the programs and services are designed to help you learn how to learn, and to become an independent, self-directed, and self-regulated learner.

Career Services

Iowa State University Career Services is a coordinated network of career services offices offering a broad range of programs and services for undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and employers.


CyBox is a place where you can store and share files for your own use, and share with others at ISU, or with collaborators anywhere in the world. Simply login with your net-ID and you'll have a cloud-based location to store and backup files for easy sharing.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning features tutorials and activities for an incredibly wide variety of skills, including business, design, programming and more. Your Net-ID gives you premium access to all of LinkedIn Learning's tutorials. Use the link above to login using your Net-ID.

IT Services

When you're not sure how to fix a technology problem, Iowa State's IT department should be your first stop. The IT page makes a great bookmark, and the top of their page features a drop-down meny labeled "SignOns" that will immediately take you to many useful sign-ons we've listed above.