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Step 4: Taking Classes Online

You've been accepted, you've registered for classes, and you've got all of your ISU accounts activated; now you can get on to your coursework!

Getting Started with Canvas

Canvas Logo

Online courses at Iowa State are administered through a system called Canvas. In Canvas, students can watch lectures, complete tests, participate in discussions, and more. When you're ready to explore your courses, go to the Canvas login page and use your Net-ID to log in. From there, you should see a list of your courses with links to their respective Canvas pages. Every course is a little bit different, but you should be able to download your syllabus and explore your course. You can also learn some of the ins and outs of Canvas at ISU by visiting the MyCanvas Teacher at ISU page. Consider filling out your profile in your Canvas account to help connect with your online peers and create an improved sense of community. Specific course questions should be directed to the instructor, but if you have any issues with Canvas itself, please contact us.

Testing and Proctors

Some courses will require tests to be supervised by a proctor. If you are off-campus and your course requires a proctor, go here to find one. If you are on-campus, you have the option of using one of our testing centers. Locations and hours for testing centers can be found here.

There's plenty of additional resources that you have access to as an Iowa State student that will help you in your online adventure. Learn about them on the next page.