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Step 3: Registering for Courses

Important AccessPlus Features

While you're logged in to AccessPlus, you should take note of several important features. AccessPlus is the place to register for courses, review the name of your advisor, class schedule, grade reports, financial aid, paying your U-Bill, and more. Your tuition costs and fees will be assessed to your U-Bill, and your U-Bill is due on the 20th of the month courses begin.

Registering for Classes

In AccessPlus, navigate to the Student tab at the top, and click Class Registration in the sidebar. This is where you will choose to enroll in the courses of your choice.

AccessPlus with the student tab selected

After registration, you should view the Class Schedule item in the sidebar. Your class schedule is your verification of registration.

The class schedule menu is available under the student tab.

If you're enrolled in one of AgOnline's degree/certificate programs, you can find the catalog titles, course descriptions, and pre-requisites for relevant courses listed on our program pagesIf you run into any difficulties with class registration, don't hesitate to contact us directly at

As an online student at Iowa State University, you have a wealth of university resources at your disposal. As you get ready to begin classes, take a moment to explore the resources available to you as an Iowa State student.

Go to step 4 to learn about actually completing your online coursework at Iowa State University.