Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements

For the best online learning experience you will need:

Windows 7 or later, or, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
At least 4 GB RAM
2.4 GHz (minimum) core i5 Processor
Broadband Internet Connection (1.5 Mbps required, 4.0 Mbps recommended)

Browser: Internet Explorer 9.x, Chrome, Safari 6.x, or Firefox 3.x (latest version recommended)
Note:  the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers may block some content, like videos, in Blackboard Learn.  If videos fail to display:

Chrome:  user must click the little shield icon at the far right side of the Navigation Toolbar and “Load Insecure Content or Load Unsafe Script”.
Firefox:  user must click the little shield icon at the far left side of the Navigation Toolbar and change “Keep Blocking to Disable Protection on This Page”.
You may check your browser for proper configuration once you log into Blackboard Learn at, and select perform the browser test below list under “MY ISU”.


Adobe Flash 10.1 or later
Adobe Reader (updated as needed)
Java (updated as needed)
User privileges to install software (for required software installations)

Additional requirements for courses that utilize online meetings or live distance presentations with audio and video participation: 
Computer with microphone and webcam (Headphones with microphone recommended)
A hardwired Broadband Internet Connection (Required)