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Swine Science Online Certificate

Student holding up young pig outdoors.

Training future pork professionals

Required credits: 12

Offered through GPIDEA, Swine Science Online is the first ever online undergraduate program in swine science. Swine Science Online offers education and training of future pork professionals to benefit the pork industry by inspiring a career interest through academic training and application. The Swine Science Online vision is to ensure that the Pork Industry is led and managed by individuals who have broad educational and production experiences which have prepared them for these roles.

Coursework revolves around practical pork production and current pork industry issues. Swine Science Online teaches scientific principles and management skills involved in pork production for an efficient and sustainable operation. After completing the required and elective courses students will be able to apply for a Swine Science Online Certificate that is administered by the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence.

Program at a Glance

  • Integrate discipline and concepts in order to facilitate problem solving, creating a more efficient production system
  • Combine scientific principles and management skills involved in the pork production for an efficient and sustainable operation
  • Recognize available career opportunities within the pork industry
  • Apply personnel, facility, fiscal and livestock management principles involved in swine production
  • Perform basic swine husbandry skills
  • Understand the impact of societal and industry issues on production management systems
  • Explain the pork chain structure and trends, including production, packing and integration

Applying for the Certificate

Once you have completed the 12 credit requirements, an exit interview will be required of you to receive your certificate. This interview will take place via phone and after your application materials have been received by the USPCE program manager. To apply for the USPCE Swine Science Online Industry Certificate, mail in the your completed application, unofficial transcript and $150 application fee to:

U.S. Pork Center of Excellence

Attn: Bill Winkelman

1776 NW 114th St.

Clive, IA 50325