Recommended Courses for Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry

This is a complete list of courses recommended for the Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry.

BBMB 504: Amino Acids and Proteins -  2 Cr. | Fall

Prereq: CHEM 332 or equivalent. Review of amino acids and proteins, including atomic interactions, thermodynamics, structure and properties of amino acids, post-translational modifications, protein expression, purification and analysis, protein secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure, protein folding, oxygen transport and hemoglobin, models for equilibrium binding, elementary reactions and enzyme kinetics, biosynthesis of amino acids: pathways and mechanisms.

BBMB 505: Bioenergetics and Metabolism - 2 Cr. | Fall

Prereq: CHEM 211, CHEM 332. a previous course in biochemistry is strongly recommended. Examination of catabolic pathways involved in the oxidation of organic and inorganic molecules, and energy metabolism involving inputs from light or other non-light sources. Central metabolism and glycolysis, fermentation, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, photosynthesis

BBMB 506: Membrane Biochemistry -  2 Cr. | Fall

Prereq: CHEM 332 or equivalent. Analysis of the structure, function, and synthesis of membranes. Bacterial and eukaryotic membrane characteristics. Membrane transport and signaling mechanisms. Analysis of the structure and function of lipids and membrane proteins.

BBMB 507: Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids - 2 Cr. | Spring

Prereq: CHEM 332 or equivalent. Analysis of the chemical structure, function, synthesis, and metabolism of nucleic acids. Chemical characterization of nucleotides, polynucleotides, DNA, and RNA. Analysis of transcription, translation, and the genetic code.

Plus four (4) additional credits from the current approved department course list (pdf).

How to Apply:
Candidates should submit the online ISU graduate application for consideration of admission to the Biochemistry Graduate Certificate program in the Graduate College.




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