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Recommended Courses for Agricultural Education M.S.

This is a complete list of courses recommended for the Agricultural Education M.S. program. If you'd like to see which of these courses are currently open for registration, visit our courses page and select the "Programs" filter, then choose "Agricultural Education M.S."

AGEDS 510: Introduction to Research - Cr. 3 | Spring

Determining your research focus; developing research problems and objectives; reviewing the literature and establishing a theoretical framework; establishing procedures for data collection and analysis; ethical issues.

AGEDS 520: Instructional Methods - Cr. 3 | Spring

Theory and practice of adult education. Teaching and learning in formal and non-formal instructional programs for adult learners.

AGEDS 524: Program Planning - Cr. 3 | Fall

Theories and practice of program planning for non-formal education. Addresses use of program logic modeling and considers critical theories of planning to address power and interests in program development, needs assessment, and evaluation.

AGEDS 533: Learning Theory - Cr. 3 | Spring

Introduction to a variety of theoretical perspectives of learning and how they may be used within the context of agricultural education. Emphasis will be on the major domains of learning, developmental considerations, basic assumptions, concepts, and principles of various learning theories; understanding how each theoretical perspective may be used in both formal and non-formal educational settings.

AGEDS 550: Foundations of Agricultural Education - Cr. 3 | Fall

Philosophical premises, ethical principles, historical development, contextual applications, and knowledge bases for agricultural education.

AGEDS 599: Creative Component - Cr. 2 | Fall, Summer, Spring

For non-thesis masters degree programs.


This program also requires 13 credits of electives for a total of 30 credits.