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Tuition and Fees FAQ

How much does it cost to take an online course?

The cost for your course varies by:

  • How many credit hours the course is worth
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, or GPIDEA course.
  • Program or department your course is being offered through.

All courses (excluding GPIDEA) will also have a technology fee and a delivery fee. Using the above information, you can calculate your total cost from Distance Education's Tuition and Fees page.

Can I get financial aid to cover my online learning courses?

Yes, you could be eligiable for financial aid. Visit the Financial Aid website for more information on the different types of loans available for all students. Remember, in order to receive aid you need to fill out the FAFSA. The earlier you submit your FAFSA information, the better loan availability you receive. If need deferred payment billing then you will need to work that out with Accounts Receivable.

Can I use my veteran's benefits to cover some or all tuition costs?

For more information about Veteran's Benefits view the Veteran's Benefits webpage. With additional questions contact the Veterans Center at (515) 294-9801.

How can my employer pay my tuition and fees?

If your employer needs to be billed for your tuition, you may use AccessPlus after your registration is accepted. Under Account/Ubill under the student tab, complete the Billing Info Release option for the third party statement. 

Are there scholarships available for online learning students?

There are numerous scholarships available for students involved in many different programs. For more information, go to the Financial Aid website and look under scholarships to determine if you fit any of the categories with available gift money.