AN S 563 1 Spring 2023 - Advanced Processed Meats Technology

Spring 2023
3 credit hours
Enrollment Limit: 
January 17, 2023 - May 12, 2023
Rodrigo Tarte,, 515-294-8415
Course Description: 
Physical, chemical and biological properties of meat important to processed meat product characteristics. Ingredients, technology and equipment used for fresh and cured meat products. Packaging, preservation and food safety issues critical to processed meat products are emphasized.
Course Prerequisites: 
AN S 270 or equivalent, or at least two undergraduate courses in biology, food science, microbiology or culinology
Required Course Materials: 
None required. Materials provided by the instructor.
Proctor Requirements: 
Students must make arrangements for a proctor for the exams

Tuition and Fees

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