AGRON 599C 3 Spring 2021 - Creative Component - Plant Breeding Seminar

Spring 2021
1 credit hour
Enrollment Limit: 
January 25, 2021 - May 7, 2021
Thomas Lubberstedt,, 515-294-5356
Secondary Instructor: 
Anthony Mahama,, 515-294-4175
Course Description: 
A written report based on research, library readings, or topics related to the student's area of specialization and approved by the student's advisory committee.
Course Prerequisites: 
Nonthesis M.S. option only
Required Course Materials: 
No textbook. All course materials will be available online.
Permission Contact: 
Casey Smith,, 515-294-4516
Proctor Requirements: 
No requirements

Tuition and Fees

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