C R P 551 XF Summer 2020 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

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Summer 2020
3 credit hours
Enrollment Limit: 
June 15, 2020 - August 7, 2020
Bailey Hanson, bahanson@iastate.edu, 515-520-1436
Course Description: 
Introduction to geographic information systems, including discussions of GIS hardware, software, data structures, data acquisition, data conversion, data presentation, analytical techniques, and implementation procedures. Laboratory emphasizes practical applications and uses of GIS.
Course Prerequisites: 
Contact GP IDEA Coordinator to enroll.
Required Course Materials: 
Permission Contact: 
Casey Smith or Michelle Zander, agonlineservices@iastate.edu, 800-747-4478, agonlineservices@iastate.edu, 1-800-747-4478
Proctor Requirements: 
No requirements

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