C DEV 590 XF Summer 2020 - Special Topics in Community Development

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Summer 2020
1 to 3 credit hours
Enrollment Limit: 
May 18, 2020 - August 7, 2020
Tim Borich, borich@iastate.edu, 515-294-8707
Course Description: 
The topics courses will cover a specific interest area at each offering. The area will vary each term. This is an independent study style class that must by arranged with faculty and approved by students' major professor.
Departmental Notes: 
Special topics in Community Development. Independent Study, must get instructor approval.
Course Prerequisites: 
Contact GP IDEA Coordinator to enroll.
Required Course Materials: 
Permission Contact: 
Casey Smith or Michelle Zander, agonlineservices@iastate.edu, 800-747-4478
Proctor Requirements: 
No requirements

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