BBMB 405 XW Spring 2020 - Biochemistry II

Spring 2020
3 credit hours
Enrollment Limit: 
January 13, 2020 - May 8, 2020
Don Beitz,, 515-294-5626
Secondary Instructor: 
Dipali Sashital ,, 515-294-5121
Course Description: 
A general overview for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in agricultural, biological, chemical, and nutritional sciences. Metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, nucleotides and lipids; formation, turnover, and molecular relationships among DNA, RNA, and proteins; genetic code; regulation of gene expression; selected topics in the molecular physiology of plants and animals. Course available online. Credit for both BBMB 420 and the BBMB 404 - BBMB 405 sequence may not be applied toward graduation.
Course Prerequisites: 
BBMB 404
Required Course Materials: 
J.M. Berg, J.L. Tymoczko, and L. Stryer. 8th Edition. Biochemistry. W.H. Freeman and Company. New York. ISBN: 978-1464126109
Proctor Requirements: 
No requirements

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