AN S 380A XG Spring 2020 - Breeding and Gestation

Spring 2020
1 credit hour
Enrollment Limit: 
January 6, 2020 - April 23, 2020
Ken Esbenshade,, 919-515-2614
Course Description: 
Concepts related to: reproductive physiology and endocrinology of boars and sows; genetic selection programs; development programs for future replacement gilts and boars; semen collection, evaluation, and preparation; detection of estrus and artificial insemination; pregnancy diagnosis; feeding and housing programs for gestating sows; environmental management; records; diseases; and development of quality assurance programs for identifying and solving reproductive problems.
Course Prerequisites: 
Contact GP IDEA Coordinator to enroll.
Required Course Materials: 
Permission Contact: 
Casey Smith or Michelle Zander,, 800-747-4478
Proctor Requirements: 
No requirements.

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